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The Basics

Multiplayer mode follows a simple pattern:

  1. A player picks a question
  2. Everyone has to answer it
  3. The next player picks a question

A round is over when every player has had a chance to pick a question.

Questions Cost Gems!

When it's your turn to pick a question you may have a shock - questions cost 's!

You earn gems by answering questions correctly, so you should have some in the bank...if not, go play today's Daily Quiz!

To fit every budget and play style we have three price options:

A random question from any category

The best option for super-tough Qwizzers...or those low on gems!

A random question from a chosen category

Use this option to avoid categories you don't like.

A question from your hand

The easy option!

We automatically give you a hand of questions - picking from these is the most expensive option, but you should have the best chance of getting the right answer!

If you don't like your hand you can shuffle it and get a whole new set for .

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